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Albrecht: The book of ultrasound guided regional anesthesia Written by PD Dr Eric Albrecht, MD, DESA. Program Director of Regional Anaesthesia, CHUV Lausanne, ESRA Council Member and SARA Treasurer This book, written by an international team of experts, is intended to support any physician beginning an ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia practice or for an expert looking to quickly refresh their knowledge of a specific procedure. The first six chapters deal with core anatomy, physical principles, and needling skills, providing readers with the information necessary prior performing blocks. The following 38 chapters address ultrasound-guided blocks for surgeries and chronic pain medicine, with newly described procedures included, such as the Pecs block and approaches to the quadratus lumborum block. Each of these chapters follows a consistent structure including indications, anatomic reminders, a procedural description, clinical tips and tricks, literature review and references. Finally, the remaining five chapters contain bullet-points for a safe and easy daily practice. "I’m very proud and pleased to let you know that “The BOOK of Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia” is now available on the Apple App store / Google Play / Amazon at less than 20 euros"

Jöhr: "Managing Complications in Paediatric Anaesthesia" Written by Martin Jöhr, Luzerner Kantonsspital, Lucerne, Switzerland This is a book, based on fascinating case histories, on how to provide safe anaesthesia to children and to avoid the most common clinical pitfalls. From the beginning I was excited by the possibility to provide complete analgesia to children by administering local anaesthetics; therefore, a relevant part of this book is dedicated to paediatric regional anaesthesia. I have observed during my career spanning over 40 years in clinical anaesthesia numerous patients in which the clinical course was suboptimal and in some patients even resulted in relevant harm. In each of the 74 chapters, supported by images, the educational aspects of such situations are worked out and culminate in clear recommendations. The book published 2018 by Cambridge University Press is available as paperback (ISBN: 9781316629109) as well as eBook (ISBN: 9781108690218); in addition, an electronic access per chapter is made available by the publisher.

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